Scart RCA Adapters

SCART is a common method of connecting audio/video equipment together.

These SCART adapters allow an in-line S-Video or Triple Phono (RCA) connection to a scart socket on a television, switchable to an input or an output. can be used with many devices such as dvd players,video recorders, xbox, playstation, wii, etc


Scart-adapter 3 RCA Sockets IN

Scart-adapter 3 RCA Sockets OUT

Scart-adapter with 3 RCA IN/OUT switch

Scart adapter with 3 RCA & 4-pin MINI Socket IN/OUT

Item No: 94001

Item No: 94032

Item No: 94033

Item No: 94034

Item No: 94035

Scart adapter with 3 RCA & 4-pin MINI Socket IN/OUT Gold Plated

High Quality Scart adapter 3 RCA & 4-pin MINI Socket IN/OUT

Scart Socket 3 RCA Sockets & 4-pol MINI Socket IN/OUT

Scart Plug 2 x Scart Sockets & S-VHS-Socket 3 RCA Sockets 0,2m

Scart Plug 3 x Scart Sockets & S-VHS-Socket 3 RCA Sockets 0,2m

Item No: 94035-G

Item No: 94035-HQ

Item No: 94036

Item No: 94037

Item No: 94038

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