Polyurethane (PUR) - Thermoplastic Elastomer

Polyurethane has become increasingly important in the cable industry over the past years. This material shows at certain temperatures mechanical characte­ristics similar to rubber. The combination of thermoplastic and elastic characte­ristics has led to the description TPE  thermoplastic elastomer.

Mechanical characteristics

The insulation materials of the cables are usually not subject to high mechanical stress. Sheaths, on the other hand are heavily used. This is especially true for flexible control and connection cables which are often pulled over sharp corners and rough surfaces. This can lead to cuts which are accentuated when the cable is stretched during flexible use. Compressive stress caused by squashing and impacting from tools and machines can also occur. The most important mechanical characteristics of PUR are:

High tensile strength

High tear resistance

Notch resistance

Abrasion resistance

Alternate bending resistance

Impact resistance

Flexibility at low temperatures


Chemical characteristics

The chemical resistance depends upon many factors such as chemical type, reaction time, temperature, volume, concentration and of course the type of Polyurethane used. In comparison with many other materials, such as rubber or PVC, PUR has a better resistance against chemical reaction. The outstanding chemical characteristics are:

1 Hazardous substances-Free: Directive 2015/863/EU

2 Oil resistance: EN 60811-2-1

3 Microbe Resistance: DIN VDE 0282

4 Chemical & Hydrolysis resistance: DIN53504

5 Paint wetting impairment substances resistant

6 Thermal range:-40℃to +85℃

7 Great Flexibility


PUR (Polyurethane Reactive ) jacket ideally for industrial outdoor.

Ideally used for industrial or outdoor environment, designed to withstand sunlight, dirt, and moisture.

UV resistant; waterproof; mineral oil and petrol resistant, Acid-Alkaline resistant.

Exclusive ultra flexible

26AWG stranded copper cable

Fluke DSX-8000 Channel Compliant.

Applications of PUR cables

For control devices, e.g. machine tools, flow and assembly lines, conveyor systems and production lines, machine and plant construction, conveyor technology (e.g. work platforms and transport systems), automotive industry, handling and automation technology, iron, steel and chemical industry, (E.g. drills, angle grinders and other electrical tools), industrial paint shops, water treatment plants, steel, automotive, mining etc.

Stock Lengths: 0.5M - 50M or customer requirements.

Colours available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Black & White

The industry‘s requirements for secure and continuous transfer of constantly increasing data volumes demand cabling solutions which are able to keep up with the needs of today and the future. In order to meet ever-increasing requirements, We are working constantly to develop new products and to  improve our existing product portfolio.

Further amendments to our extensive product portfolio include new RJ45 patch cords using PE and PUR bulk cables. The over moulded boots with integrated latch  protection provide a secure grip for mating and un-mating.


Polyurethane (PUR) Outdoor (industrial) 26AWG S/FTP CAT 6A Patch Cable

Whatever cable or connector you require


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