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· Connections: USB 3.0 A male to USB 3.0 A female, USB Micro B female

· USB socket with screw connection (M2 x 0.4)

· Cover material: metal

· Plug cover: screwed

· Plug material: nickel

· Contact surface: gold-plated pins

· Plug and Play installation

· USB Version: USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1)

· Backward compatible versions: USB 2.0, USB 1.1

· max. Bandwidth: 5 Gbps

· Maximum output current: 900 mA

· Cable type: round

· Cable sheath: TPU

· Cable diameter (ca.): 3.7mm

· Wire material: copper / POF

· Construction cable: AWG 22 / OM1

· Kink protection: yes

· Colour cable: black

· Length: 10.0m – 20M – 30M & 50M


· Active Optical USB 3.0 hybrid cable

· USB Micro B cable for power supply

· User Manual

Optical USB 3.0 extension cable

With this Active Optical USB 3.0 Hybrid Cable (AOC) you can transfer your data over long distances without loss.

It is perfect for conference rooms, media desks, auditoriums or for the ambitious home user.

The data transfer rate from USB 3.0 can reach up to 5 Gbps.

This USB 3.0 AOC cable can be operated without any additional power supply.

If your device needs more power you can connect a 5V power adapter to the USB Micro B jack.

A hybrid cable converts an electrical data signal into an optical data signal.

Due to the optical fibre, the attenuation is minimal and EMI is zero.

Item no.: 30-35075 10M – 30-35095 20M – 30-35485 30M – 30-35505 – 50M

The very latest USB 3.0 Optical Extension Cable