Interlocking SUS 304 stainless steel armoured PE jacket cable for maximum armoured protection.

PE inner jacket for UV resistant and water proof for outdoor and indoor use.

26 AWG regular STP PiMF cable with OD:7.8mm; 32 AWG slim STP PiMF cable with OD:4.9mm.

Ideally for areas where cables are susceptible to rodent damage, crushing & electrical interference.

Fluke DSX 8000 Channel tested @ 500 MHz

Lengths Available: 0.3m-60m or custom by customers requirements

Colour: Natural stainless steel colour

Fully Armoured Cat 6A patch cable has been designed for use in harsh environment.

Waterproof, UV Resistant, -40c to +90c 24AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG & Slim 32AWG available

It is anti crush and zero electrical interference and for outdoor use.

Armoured Pro Fully Armoured Outdoor 26AWG Shielded U/FTP CAT 6A Patch Cable

The industry‘s requirements for secure and continuous transfer of constantly increasing data volumes demand cabling solutions which are able to keep up with the needs of today and the future. In order to meet ever-increasing requirements, We are working constantly to develop new products and to  improve our existing product portfolio.

Further amendments to our extensive product portfolio include new RJ45 patch cords using PE and PUR bulk cables. The over moulded boots with integrated latch  protection provide a secure grip for mating and un-mating.



Inner jacket PVC for UTP

Inner jacket PE for STP

Whatever cable or connector you require


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Technology moves fast and we keep up.

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