The 1080P 2x2 video wall controller , support HDMI or DVI input and 4 HDMI output, the main function is to divide a complete HDMI,DVI HD image signal into 4 blocks and assign to 4 video display unit (such as Rear projection unit, LCD TV, etc.), Complete with 4 HDMI high-definition video display units to form a large dynamic image wall.

HDMI video wall controller is simple to splicing into 1X2, 2X1, 2X2, 3X1, 1X4, 4X1 and other modes.

High-definition picture presentation, support 1080P high-definition picture input and output, presenting high-definition visual experience.

3.5mm stereo audio independent output, can be connected to audio, headphones,no computer control, convenient and stable stitching.

No need for other software settings, pure hardware devices, easy to set up.


(1) Support 1 channel DVI or HDMI input

(2) Input support HDMI1.3, HDCP1.4

(3) Support 4 channels of HDMI output, 3.5 mm audio output

(4) Input resolution: 1920x1080P/60HZ, 720P,480P

(5) Output resolution:1920x1080P/60HZ, 720P,480P

(6) Easy to operate, plug and play

(7)DC 12V / 2A power adapter

★ 4K 2 x 2 screen splicer; One-click splicing, high-definition moving images can be spliced to the big screen without computer control.

★ Three stitching methods; Split the high-definition image signal and distribute it to the monitor through HDMI cable to form a large video screen wall, which combines to enjoy the visual effect brought by the large screen.

★ Independent audio output; Independent audio input audio device enjoys large-screen visual effects for a more powerful auditory effect.

★The installation method is simple; you can use it via HDMI connection without installing the driver. Ideal for bars, night clubs, casinos, hotels or your own cinema

★ Image signal output can be separately developed 180° for easy installation, and the output image can be adjusted to adjust the brightness/contrast/sharpness/chroma/hue and tone settings for all TV brands with HDMI input. Includes remote control.

3 x 3 HDMI TV Video Wall Controller

4K 2x2 Video Wall Controller (2020 Version) 1 HDMI/DVI Input 4 HDMI OutputTV Processor Images Stitching Video Wall Processor with RS232 Control

2x2 HDMI Video Wall Processor HD TV 1080P Matrix Controller 1X2 - 2X1 - 2X2 - 3X1 - 1X4 - 4X1

2x2 Video Wall Controller 4 Channels 1080p, HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.3 Compliant

1 HDMI Input & 4 Outputs

Display Modes - 1X2, 2X1, 2X2, 3X1, 1X4, 4X1

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