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Travel Adapter with inserts

U.K. Attachment

Switzerland Attachment

Item no. 60070

Item no. 60070

Item no. 60070

Y' Attachment

Italian Attachment

U.S.A. Attachment

Item no. 60070

Item no. 60070

Item No. 60070

NEW Patented USB Travel Adapter

Travel Adaptor with 2 x USB - PATENTED -

• Patented travel adaptor

• 2x USB port (max 3100mA), simultaneous smart charging

• Each country in a different color

• Yellow: Australia, China, New Zealand; Green: Italy; Blue: all Commonwealth Nations,

 Africa, Aisa, Great Britain, Near East; Red: Swiss; Black: Partially USA, North-,

 Central- and South America, Japan, CIS, Southeast Asia

• Connection Systems for other countries can be retrofitted

• Made of durable ABS plastic

• Real proof socket, with 10 A fuse

• TÜV tested

• High-quality blister packaging

• The delivery includes: 1 travel adapter with protective contact,

 5 country-specific attachments and 1 storage bag