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Loudspeaker Connectors

MPN: 554000

MPN: 554001-B

MPN: 554001-BG

MPN: 554001-R

MPN: 554001-RG

Speaker plug, screw type

Speaker plug, solder type

Angle speaker plug, screw type

MPN: 554010

MPN: 554030

MPN: 554030-1

MPN: 554031

MPN: 554050

MPN: 554050-1

MPN: 554051

MPN: 554070

MPN: 556200-B

MPN: 556200-Bl

MPN: 556200-G

MPN: 556200-R

MPN: 556200-Y

MPN: 556210-B

MPN: 556210-R

MPN: 556301-B

MPN: 556301-R