73000-U Modular crimping pliers for 8-8 6-6 and 4-4 plugs UNI.jpg

73001 Crimping pliers for HIROSE plugs.jpg

73000-MPU Orange Crimping tool for 8-8 6-6 DEC 4-4 Western-St. metal.jpg


73000-8M Modular crimping pliers, for 8 Western plugs, metal.jpg

73000-6M Modular crimping pliers, for 6 Western plugs, metal.jpg

73000-6P Crimping pliers for 6-4 6-6 Western plugs plastic.jpg

Modular-Crimping tool, for 8/8 Plug Short Metal

Modular-Crimping tool, for 8-8 6-6 & 4-4 Plugs. Universal

Crimping-tool for HIROSE-Plug

Crimping-tool for 8-8 6-6 DEC 4-4 Western Plugs Metal.

Crimping tool, for 8/8 6/6 4/4 Western Plugs Metal

Modular-Crimping tool, for 8 Western-plugs Metal

Modular-Crimping tool, for 6 Western-plugs Metal

Modular-Crimping tool, for 6/4 6/6 Western-plugs Metall

88010 Crimping pliers for F compression St. 7mm RG 59,11,6.jpg

73010 LSA + application tool - insulation displacement.jpg

73011-1 Punching tool, insulation displacement - plastic.jpg

Netwrok Tool Kit 10 Parts Item no 18-25002 with details.jpg

Cat 6a Plug Description.png

Crimping tool for F-compression connectors

7mm RG 59,11 & 6

Crimping tool for F-compression connectors

Ø 6,8mm - Ø 8,2mm

LSA + Insertion Tool - Tension clamp

insertion Tool, Tension clamp plastic

Crimping pliers for HDMI DIY plugs

Network Tool Kit 10 pieces

Network Tool Kit 10 pieces

CAT 6a plug, RJ 45, 10G, Self-assembly

Crimping Pliers & Tools for RJ45 Network plugs

Our bulk network installation and patch Ethernet cable comes on convenient spools and is ideal for making longer permanent network runs during installation/expansion of network infrastructure.

High Performance Bulk Ethernet Cable provides universal connectivity for wiring home or office for high-speed network

Future-proof your network for 10-Gigabit Ethernet (backwards compatible with any existing Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet)

Compatible with 10/100 Base-T networks and feature enhanced bandwidths for distributing data, voice, and video at high-speeds

Our Cat 6/7/7a/8 cables have been developed to achieve maximum distances for full 10-Gigabit network speeds.

We stock a multitude of bulk Ethernet cable styles including UTP, STP, S/FTP etc Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7, Cat 7a & Cat 8. Our bulk Ethernet cable jacket options include OFNR, OFNP, LSZH, and Polyurethane. Additionally, we offer aerial bulk cable. Other specialty types of bulk Ethernet cable include high flex and industrial Ethernet bulk cable for harsh networking environments.

503020 Crimping pliers for HDMI DIY plugs.jpg Netwrok Tool Kit 4 Parts Item no 18-25001 with details 1.jpg

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