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One thing that technology cannot replace in many ways is the subjectivity of the human ear, the most critical tool when working with sound. So when questions arise with regards to fidelity and quality, aside from standards of practice laid out, the most reliable tool is the trained ears of the listener.

Interconnecting cables are not optional, they are essential otherwise you will not have a system and they are the most important components in your system, carrying every bit and byte of audio, video, and data. Your sound and picture are only as good as your interconnecting cables. Make sure this link is Perfect.

Analogue stereo cables can carry surround sound – if you use enough of them. In addition, a single digital audio cable (either coaxial or optical) can carry all the channels of a Dolby Digital or DTS Surround signal.

What these cables cannot do, with the latest gear, is carry the newer, lossless (uncompressed) surround sound formats, such as Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. To play lossless surround on new home theatre equipment, you will need HDMI.

We carry all the latest HDMI cables & connectors for every configuration.

Every link in your system is important. Our range of Audio Cables and connectors are simple to install upgrades which have been carefully manufactured to enhance the quality of sound, pace & rhythm.

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We have every type of cable, connector or adaptor for perfect Audio

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