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We specializes in Cables, Connectors, Adapters & Converters for the Audio, Video, Data & Computer markets.

Micro X began trading in 1986 and has over 30 years of experience of providing and meeting customer requirements for the very latest cable solutions and working in close partnership with our manufacturers and suppliers.

We provide every possible Connectivity Component for System Solutions and and component solutions to Installers, System Integrators, Resellers, Industry, Commerce, Government Establishments and End User companies.


Business to Business Excellence

Our clients trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them to achieve their business goals. We understand that all our business customers have very specific requirements for doing business.

We know that all businesses are price and service sensitive in order to maximize their investment. Our attention to detail in both these areas will ensure that you will yield high returns.

Business customers have unique needs. We can serve your needs with high efficiency and professionalism. We cater for all business sizes, from small business startups to large scaled enterprises. We can handle all shipping no matter what quantity.

No matter which industry you’re from our ability to offer flexibility will ensure that your needs are met at the highest standards. Some of our largest clients are from industries such as the oil industry, government & public sectors, as well as education including universities & schools. You ultimately cannot put a price tag on well connected B2B relationships. Whatever your business needs are we can provide it with excellence. Your success is our success.

As the days, months and years go by, technology just gets better and better. What was once the latest and greatest yesterday, is old hat today. The bottom line is, technology doesn’t wait for you and if your not keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust by competitors.

New products added for 2021

Technology is inescapable. It pervades every facet of our life. From how we work, play and live our lives, technology has created a revolution that will grow for as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities.

In today's world of media consumption, new devices and technology that are designed to facilitate and streamline consumption are being introduced at an alarming pace.

We always keep abreast of technology and developments to ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition.

All our Cables, Connectors & Adapters are designed for Viewing, Listening and transferring Audio, Video & Data from one standard to another using today’s converter technology.

2.1 AOC HDMI Cable New Superspeed USB 4.0 40Gbps NEW Optical USB 3.0 extension cable Active Optical Cables

ALL Active Optical Cables

USB4 Type C Cables

USB 3.0 AOC Extension

48Gbps HDMI 2.1 AOC

AOC Type C Cable

Armoured Detachable HDMI AOC USB-C Male to Lightning C94 Connector Cable HDMI 2 KVM Extender 60m - 200m CAT 8.1 Cables

CAT 8.1 Patch Cables

USB-C Male to Lightning C94

KVM Extenders

Armoured Detachable HDMI AOC

Displayport  v2.0 NEW

The general and electrical performances of all cables are designed to solve interconnecting problems in electronic systems, including computers, broadcast equipment, Data networks and other areas  where cables are required to perform more exacting specifications.

Our expertise and knowledge allows us to design and develop all types of cables that offer substantial savings in price increased performance and reduced size.

Cables can be designed that are either smaller and lighter than standard cables or provide significantly lower attenuation and capacitance with no significant increase in size.

Displayport v2.0 Dual 5K@60Hz Dual 4K@144Hz USB C Adapters

Type c to HDMI-VGA-DP-RJ45

OM5 Multimode Fibre Patch Cables

OM5 Duplex Multimode 40Gbps

Lapton iPad Dock Holder

Switches & Splitters

Videdo Wall Controllers

USB  MST Hubs & Docks

Docks & Hubs

laptop holder docking station

Whatever cable or connector you require


Copyright Rockdale 2021

1987 - 2017

Email: contact@rockdale.co.uk

Company registered in England & Wales.

Company registration number: 09967263

VAT registration number: GB 342 4250 32

EORI No: GB342425032000

We specialize in Cables, Connectors, Adapters & Converters for the Audio, Video & Computer markets that gives our Clients an edge over the competition. By working with Customers of all levels on a daily basis, we have the ability to develop our products and services through the use of leading edge technology.

Our products cover virtually every communication application. They are the ultimate solution that will not only meet your current requirements, but your future ones too, with greater bandwidths, enhanced durability, and easier installation.

Technology moves fast and we keep up.

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