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Luckiest signs in the year 2024, according to the Chinese Horoscope will be: monkeys, roosters, and pigs.


 any past customers would like to carry on with cables/connectors and AV equipment then start with this guy:

Peter LIU

Sales Director

Based in Ningbo China nice guy.

About Me,

Hi, welcome to my site and please understand I have never painted anything (apart from the walls at home) until December 2023 when I first picked up a paintbrush, and can now see myself spending a few hours here and there trying to put paint on canvas. I sincerely hope somebody will like what I am doing and I can guarantee I will improve as time goes by.

I have spent the last 45 years of my life commuting to China, sourcing, manufacturing and creating networks for clients. My main customers were major supermarket chains thru out Central Europe and the UK and dealing with their subsidiaries  around the world.

Health and age has now told me to slow down and take things easy so all my past dealings with major clients and manufacturers has ceased.

Last year I bought some acrylic paint, brushes and canvases and thought I would try and paint. Having NEVER in my life painted anything it was quite daunting but my family all seemed to have some sort of artistic flair so why not me.

The tenth Chinese zodiac is the rooster. People born in the year of the rooster are aggressive and picky. They pay very close attention to their appearances and actions, and they are great performers. In addition with their hard-working and dependable personality, they make great leaders.

The Ancient Chinese believed that art could educate the people, teach moral lessons, and bring longevity and prosperity.

Having spent so much time in China and Asia I believe in Chinese culture and beliefs also great food.